South Tynedale Railway runs an exciting Youth Development Scheme (YDS). Based upon the principle of employability, the YDS aims to add significant value to young people’s schooling through giving them a significant advantage in being ready for the world of work.


A heritage railway is not just about running trains!

There are many opportunities for personal development across the different parts of the railway from catering, through carpentry to web design.

Young people undergoing employability training on the railway are known as Strivers short for ‘South Tynedale Railway Inclusive Venture for the Education of Railway Staff’.

There are three progressive levels of strivers

Level One: Ages 11 – 14
Learn (and have fun!) through a railway themed hands on project based on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Undergo introductory generic employability skills (from interview technique to demonstrating leadership potential).

Level Two: Ages 14 – 16
Extended employability training in one (or more) of three strands.

Engineering: Shadowing shed staff and the opportunity to clean and prepare steam engines for work.

Operations: Shadowing guards, signallers, drivers.
Business: Shadowing catering, ticket and shop sales, marketing etc.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA
All employability training is customer focused and based on developing self-

pride and a non-arrogant self confidence.

Level Three: Ages 16 – 18
Continue in any of the three strands to train for an adult volunteer role,

youth apprenticeship or perfect the CV for university entrance.

DSCN0144The STR YDS works in partnership with the Alston Schools Federation and
runs an annual employability week for Y9.
But whoever you are or wherever you are from…
Welcome and Join Us!
Strivers become drivers – or anything else they want to be!
The STR YDS is led by Martin Ashley, emeritus professor of education at Edge Hill University and steam fireman, signaller and guard.
For further information please contact Nic Cullens, Marketing and Events Supervisor